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Life is a rollercoaster and I'm too chicken to ride it. 

Posted on 29 August, 2014
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I hope everyone knows that a probe sent seven years ago is going to land on Pluto next year.

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Posted on 28 August, 2014

Posted on 27 August, 2014
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prepare for high school then prepare for college then prepare for your career then prepare for retirement then you’re dead 

then prepare for skeleton war


Posted on 24 August, 2014
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TIGERS ARE ON RED ALERTThe Sumatran Tiger is said to be extinct by 2015, with fewer than 300-400 left in the wild due to large-scale habitat loss, poaching, hunting and human-tiger conflict. Other subspecies are said to follow. DonateStop the Tiger PoachersSave Tigers NowProtect Tigers from Poachers and Help Stop War on Wildlife Donate to Save Tigers Donate to Help Save the Tiger Make a Donation - Save China’s TigersDonate to Tiger Conservation Name a Wild Tiger WWF Tiger AppealTiger AppealSumatran Tiger ConservationBengal Tiger Conservation DonationsSave the Malayan Tiger Malayan Tiger Conservation Adopt a TigerTigers in Crisis - Adopt a Tiger Adopt Roque the Tiger Adopt a Tiger TodayAdopt a Wild Tiger from IndonesiaAdopt a Tiger - Zhorik Tiger Adoption - Save China’s Tigers Adopt a Wild Tiger PetitionsStop Tiger Poaching in India Save the Tiger Save the Sumatran Tiger Save the Tigers Save the Indian Tiger Save the Sumatran Tiger Stop Pushing Sumatran Tiger Toward ExtinctionSave the Sumatran Tigers from Extinction Protect Siberian Tiger Habitat Act Now to Save India’s Tiger Save the Sumatran Tiger Save the Tiger Stop Poaching Tigers Close Down China’s Tiger Farms Save the Siberian Tiger Prevent Siberian Tiger Extinction Save Endangered Siberian Tigers from Extinction Illegal Tiger Trade must End Preserve the Bengal Tiger of India Save the Malayan Tiger from Extinction Save Malayan Tiger by Stopping Logging Source: ttp://  



Ok so tigers are my favourite animal and this literally kills me.I have 12,000+ followersif each one of you donated like £3 it would be huge.Please and thank you.

Noooo!!!! Save the tigers!

Posted on 24 August, 2014
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Posted on 23 August, 2014
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